The Sneeze

To see things clearly, its a lot more easier from the outside than from the inside. For example, when going through past memories people are often amazed how they behaved. Thats because they are outside the “bubble” of that particular situation and there are no emotions/quick thinking involved. The same is with our love lifes, when you see other couples fighting often you think “how could they fight for such a trivial thing” and yet when you are the involved party probably you do the same.
Going against your brain dominant reality happens from the inside. Once you are addicted on the “thinking” drug you wont be able to escape just by waiting it to pass by. That bubble is gigantic and would never let you go or pop up on its own. You have to fight it while its effects are disturbing and enslaving you. Its like changing your clothes while driving with 100 km/h, step by step. For that to happen, you need to start creating tiny moments in your everyday life when you are “awake” and “aware” of the drug and your fight against it. When those happen you actively try to shut all thoughts coming in your head by either cutting them down completely or by saying that they are not “real” and are not coming from “YOU”. It would difficult at first but dont be hard on yourself just keep pushing it and the moments would grew larger. Remember the voice that critisize you “You cant do that because you are weak” its the voice of the thing you are trying to fight off. Just “think” about that, why would YOU critisize yourself voluntery? Its simple, you dont because the voice saying that its not coming from you. There is even a better strategy to try concentrating on your other senses like hearing, touching, speaking, seeing and by increasing their usage, you decrease the usage of the “thinking” brain but that is a story for another day.
IMO a great way to create those moments is when we sneeze. No mather what you are doing at the moment of sneezing, its stops. Just like a computer, out system shuts down and reboots for seconds. I was peeing few times when the sneeze came by and there is no fighting it 🙂 But with the sneeze comes an opportunity – the brain and the thoughts shuts down as well. You are in peace even just for a second. So when the sneeze happens, dont try to grab it but rather be aware of it and create that “moment” without being afraid of losing you. The thoughts would pop up almost immediately but dont give them attention instead focus on the breeze in your face, the moving leaves on the trea, the sun on your skin or the sound from the passing cars.


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