Why are we running away from “Depression”

For most people, “depression” is something that they should avoid at all cost. Its “bad” and unwanted. Its a sure sign that they are weak and that they cant handle life … that they are “failures”. Its no coincendence that we ignore facing it as long as possible. Here is a fun fact for you – there are plenty of people who “understand” death and are ready to face her BUT not once I have met a person who is “open” and ready to accept depression.

In the noisy Western World, its almost imposible to not have at least a small “Ego”. IMO, with social media around, it worsened a lot in the past years. If an “Ego” could be measured, for the majority of population it would be around “medium” to “large”. An “ego” is a mental projection of our physical Self, like an adopted brother. By accepting and nurturing it, we give it home. That home is our body and head. At first, we are the ones that have control and make decisions but with time that changes. “We” begin to crave fame and power, to seek validation and love, to be offended more easily. All that is where the “Ego” trives, where it is strong enough and naturaly it takes the lead and we step back. What “Depression” really is … a cry! A cry for help coming from deep down inside us. A cry from ” the Self” going against the “Ego” .Its the best sign that change is needed – a change of rule.
Like a tyrant who tries to deprive from credibility those that speak against him, the collective “ego” tooks measures . If “depression” was a person, we are made to believe that he is to be despised forever. But imagine if that assumption was somehow “wrong”. Like really wrong and unfair from our side. What if that person really just wanted to show us the truth, shake us really hard in order for us to see it? When his voice is too loud to ignore, the Ego makes the perfect chess move – a step backwards, so that it can avoid rebellion. A rebellion that leads towards suicide or “awakening” of the Self. Both cases resulting in dethroning the Ego! It gives some amount of power back, enough that we make some changes. Change of partner or a job .. or a “belief” system/religion. The later are like parties in politics, they could number 1000 and yet are being sponsored by one guardian – the “Ego”. No mather who you would choose, its an illusion of choise .. the ruler its one and the same.



In terms of taste, which is the opposite of sweet? Person “A” says bitter/salty from his personal experience of eating. Person “B” while never trying bitter/salty foods gives a similar answer, formed from his experience of reading and talking with people about the subject. For the sake of argument, lets say that we are in a classroom and both receive an “A+”. While being the same on the surface and receiving similar grades, those answers are nothing alike! One is living through action while the other is taking a shortcut/cheating through his brain. Person “A” answers by looking through the glasses of “life” and person “B” the glasses of ” the Mind”. Can you understand the difference? Between actually feeling water going down your throat and the sentence ” I drink water”? If you do, dont try to explain it with words. Let it grow inside you.

The brain is the most addictive drug in the world, very few people even realizes that and the danger coming with it. Western society openly invites us to use our brains more and more while we proceed to lose touch with life further and further!
Althrough I have read plenty of books on the subject, I dont possess any degree in psychology. On paper, I dont have the “needed” background to stand in front of 1000 people and say “you should listen to what I have to say”. What I have … the personal experience of being closed in a cell. That cell being deep down inside the mental hell of my body and mind. Part of me is probably still there BUT if before I had 100 padlocks holding me down, today they are reduced to let say .. 30. Being at the both ends of opposites, a person starts to see/understands things more differently. I dont want to make unnecessary long first entry so if there is interest, I would be happy to share my experience and views with other people.