Embrace the illogical

How do you understand “logic”? The brain sends you the most likely course of action based on past experience and information around us. “Logic” draws water from our lifes and with time, as deep as it could be, that well could stale and lose it freshness. Once that happens, we become heavily biased against new experience. A common and dangerous deception for most people is that “Logic”= “the right way of action”. Once we accept that as a fact, everytime time the brain sends you something with the “logic” label on it, we take little or no notice. Decisions become an illusion, we stop choosing based on our likeness but instead obey an analytical tool that cant grasp the scale and dept of life. We receive “decisions” as a documents that “simply” need our signature and we give it, lacking any consciousness about the content. An answer could be backed by 95% of the data or 10%, it doesnt mather if it tops the list – its the most “logical” one. The Mind doesnt like the idea to be “wrong” and with its increasing influence, it begins to talk us out from entering uncharted territories. That limits our experience and puts frames on our existence. The well is tainted by fears.


Ego’s shortcuts

Motivated by its own agenda, the “Ego” aims to reduce the information coming from other senses. Instead, it provides us with its own cheaper coppies – “words”. Everything that doesnt include “thinking” we start to assume as unimportant, trivial and annoying. Give it enough time, most of our daily routines are branded as such. The “Ego” cant remove them completely, so it persuades us to either “speedrun” through them or not pay them much attention. A daily routine list:

  • Fixing your bed, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, tying your shoes, covering the distance between home and work, fitness, dropping your kids at school and so on

How many of those you are perfoming without being annoyed? Without wanting to be somewhere else and doing something more “meaningful”? A lot of people “dream walk” through them. Their bodies are doing the physical exercise while their consciousness go on a “mind” tour full of thoughts. The later, often enough are deprived from any weight towards your life or any possibility for them to actually happen: ” What if my best friend, who is a gay, sleeps with my wife? “

The Ego’s strategy for cutting you from reality. It creates a “dream” as far into the future as possible – making a family, collecting a diploma, having an “X” amount of money and so on. It fools us that those “dreams” possess a great value. We neglect our present,daily lifes and instead concentrate on thoughts about “that” one special future moment. We are unhappy but dont know the reason about it. Something inside of us rebels through emotions but the mind cuts it with something along the lines – “When that future “X” moment arrives, everything will change and I would live differently and be happy”. And often enough that comforts us for a while. One day we reach that goal, that goal that filled our mind and life for years. Only to find out that it brings us a very slim pleasure. We are left empty, all those years we werent chasing the actual goal but an illusion. She fueled us for so long that we cant live without it anymore. In order to survive, we create another longterm future goal.

Long live the”Ego”

Who are you? You can see with your eyes, listen with your ears, smell with your nose, touch with your skin, think with your brain, taste with your tongue and interact with other people. Each sense has its own “language”. They cant “understand” each other, meaning you cant hear with your eyes or smell with your ears. The “Self” is the only one that could understand and appreciate each sense for what it is. The “mind” has another role in the whole process – to deliver, as a courier, the information from all senses. Probably because of that extra role, we tend to overvalue it and thus manifest a common mistake. We believe that the “mind” could replace us in our job and receive all incoming information. He does it in a way but a “cheap” one, all signals are transformed into words – his own language. By being lazy, we unconsciously put the brain in charge of our lifes. If simply putted, we are a body with senses that interacts with the world, the mind translates it as an “Ego” that calls it self John Doe or Jane Smith. From this moment on, it start chasing its own agenda – convinsing us that the “Self” and the “Ego” are one and the same.

The Sneeze

To see things clearly, its a lot more easier from the outside than from the inside. For example, when going through past memories people are often amazed how they behaved. Thats because they are outside the “bubble” of that particular situation and there are no emotions/quick thinking involved. The same is with our love lifes, when you see other couples fighting often you think “how could they fight for such a trivial thing” and yet when you are the involved party probably you do the same.
Going against your brain dominant reality happens from the inside. Once you are addicted on the “thinking” drug you wont be able to escape just by waiting it to pass by. That bubble is gigantic and would never let you go or pop up on its own. You have to fight it while its effects are disturbing and enslaving you. Its like changing your clothes while driving with 100 km/h, step by step. For that to happen, you need to start creating tiny moments in your everyday life when you are “awake” and “aware” of the drug and your fight against it. When those happen you actively try to shut all thoughts coming in your head by either cutting them down completely or by saying that they are not “real” and are not coming from “YOU”. It would difficult at first but dont be hard on yourself just keep pushing it and the moments would grew larger. Remember the voice that critisize you “You cant do that because you are weak” its the voice of the thing you are trying to fight off. Just “think” about that, why would YOU critisize yourself voluntery? Its simple, you dont because the voice saying that its not coming from you. There is even a better strategy to try concentrating on your other senses like hearing, touching, speaking, seeing and by increasing their usage, you decrease the usage of the “thinking” brain but that is a story for another day.
IMO a great way to create those moments is when we sneeze. No mather what you are doing at the moment of sneezing, its stops. Just like a computer, out system shuts down and reboots for seconds. I was peeing few times when the sneeze came by and there is no fighting it 🙂 But with the sneeze comes an opportunity – the brain and the thoughts shuts down as well. You are in peace even just for a second. So when the sneeze happens, dont try to grab it but rather be aware of it and create that “moment” without being afraid of losing you. The thoughts would pop up almost immediately but dont give them attention instead focus on the breeze in your face, the moving leaves on the trea, the sun on your skin or the sound from the passing cars.

“A cold assistance”

Cold showers are vital in your pursuit of regaining touch with life. And when I mean vital, If I was a religious clerk selling the idea about bathing with cold water, I would have shouted “Hallelujah” ten times in a row. They give you an instant effect, either if you are in a heavily deppresed shape with “bad” thoughts constanly bombarding you or used as a daily strategy to gain new ground step by step.
Once the cold water hits you, the brain automatically “shuts up” because the body is shocked and other senses are highlighted. If you have never done them before, the idea would seem “scarry” but that information comes from the same source you are going against toe to toe. Think about this: the most quitting and scariest moment about the whole process, its just about when you are under the shower, turning the blue faucet on. Cold water has not come out yet, your body hasnt felt anything and yet the fear is real. ITS ALL THOUGHTS. I am not saying that you should be head diving everytime you get this feeling of doubt about doing something but in this particular case, you should ignore it. If you do it, thats like a small win against the brain and his rule over you.
Once under the water, you could “see” your energetic body. Its like your physical one but in terms of the energy that flows through you. Imagine a clogged sewer. When we have unresolved issues in our lifes, the type we are afraid thinking about and that come hunting us back, they bring a sort of an energetic mud. At some point, the mud becomes too much and begins to jam the paths which eventually would lead to a “block”. A spot where the energy could hardly flow and in result the same spot in the physical body “tightens up”. With the cold water effect, those “blocks” are also highlighed and now by knowing that they exit, you could easily sense them. If someone has multiple blocks it goes to an even bigger scale – your belly starts to collect energetic mud from all those places. This is a serious sign for deeper problems which makes the connection between you and your body more and more foreign a.k.a feeling an outsider in your own body. So the cold comes pouring over you, if your paths are clean enough – your body would receive an impusle of energy and strength and you would have this feel of full control over your body. If the paths are really jammed – you would shrink towards you belly and would sense a feel like there is a ball inside you .. a ball of energetic mud.
A personal tip – when you are under the shower and the body starts shaking, visualise how all the energy/anger/doubt under you control flows toward your forehead and the spot between your eyes. Do it often enough and maybe there is a gift awaiting you there.


In terms of taste, which is the opposite of sweet? Person “A” says bitter/salty from his personal experience of eating. Person “B” while never trying bitter/salty foods gives a similar answer, formed from his experience of reading and talking with people about the subject. For the sake of argument, lets say that we are in a classroom and both receive an “A+”. While being the same on the surface and receiving similar grades, those answers are nothing alike! One is living through action while the other is taking a shortcut/cheating through his brain. Person “A” answers by looking through the glasses of “life” and person “B” the glasses of ” the Mind”. Can you understand the difference? Between actually feeling water going down your throat and the sentence ” I drink water”? If you do, dont try to explain it with words. Let it grow inside you.

The brain is the most addictive drug in the world, very few people even realizes that and the danger coming with it. Western society openly invites us to use our brains more and more while we proceed to lose touch with life further and further!
Althrough I have read plenty of books on the subject, I dont possess any degree in psychology. On paper, I dont have the “needed” background to stand in front of 1000 people and say “you should listen to what I have to say”. What I have … the personal experience of being closed in a cell. That cell being deep down inside the mental hell of my body and mind. Part of me is probably still there BUT if before I had 100 padlocks holding me down, today they are reduced to let say .. 30. Being at the both ends of opposites, a person starts to see/understands things more differently. I dont want to make unnecessary long first entry so if there is interest, I would be happy to share my experience and views with other people.