The value of “having”

A lot of people, including me, focus on the things that they “lack” or they dont possess. Often those are reasons that disturb our inner peace/harmony and derails us from our paths. Love, money, success, fame, respect, friends. The things that we all want! But what exactly gives them value? The probability of not having them! The gap between “I dont have” and “I have” its the thing that provides pleasure and quality. Once we realize that on a deeper level, our fears lose ground and even evaporate. Being lonely, its what makes “love” possible. They cant exist without each other. You could apply this logic for almost everything. For example, most people dont aknowledge their hearing because its considered as something “given”. But if they lose it for some reason, they immediately would realize its value. Life is not about one thing, one situation, one month, one person or one love … its about the wide variation of choices. About moving on and not being stagnant. So the next time when we dont “have” something, instead of being disappointed and losing our balance, we could see it as a potential to create a gap, to create value. As the great Alan Watts said “Life its like a dance. Its not about reaching from point “a” to point “b”. Its about experiencing the distance between them.”

“A cold assistance”

Cold showers are vital in your pursuit of regaining touch with life. And when I mean vital, If I was a religious clerk selling the idea about bathing with cold water, I would have shouted “Hallelujah” ten times in a row. They give you an instant effect, either if you are in a heavily deppresed shape with “bad” thoughts constanly bombarding you or used as a daily strategy to gain new ground step by step.
Once the cold water hits you, the brain automatically “shuts up” because the body is shocked and other senses are highlighted. If you have never done them before, the idea would seem “scarry” but that information comes from the same source you are going against toe to toe. Think about this: the most quitting and scariest moment about the whole process, its just about when you are under the shower, turning the blue faucet on. Cold water has not come out yet, your body hasnt felt anything and yet the fear is real. ITS ALL THOUGHTS. I am not saying that you should be head diving everytime you get this feeling of doubt about doing something but in this particular case, you should ignore it. If you do it, thats like a small win against the brain and his rule over you.
Once under the water, you could “see” your energetic body. Its like your physical one but in terms of the energy that flows through you. Imagine a clogged sewer. When we have unresolved issues in our lifes, the type we are afraid thinking about and that come hunting us back, they bring a sort of an energetic mud. At some point, the mud becomes too much and begins to jam the paths which eventually would lead to a “block”. A spot where the energy could hardly flow and in result the same spot in the physical body “tightens up”. With the cold water effect, those “blocks” are also highlighed and now by knowing that they exit, you could easily sense them. If someone has multiple blocks it goes to an even bigger scale – your belly starts to collect energetic mud from all those places. This is a serious sign for deeper problems which makes the connection between you and your body more and more foreign a.k.a feeling an outsider in your own body. So the cold comes pouring over you, if your paths are clean enough – your body would receive an impusle of energy and strength and you would have this feel of full control over your body. If the paths are really jammed – you would shrink towards you belly and would sense a feel like there is a ball inside you .. a ball of energetic mud.
A personal tip – when you are under the shower and the body starts shaking, visualise how all the energy/anger/doubt under you control flows toward your forehead and the spot between your eyes. Do it often enough and maybe there is a gift awaiting you there.