The value of “having”

A lot of people, including me, focus on the things that they “lack” or they dont possess. Often those are reasons that disturb our inner peace/harmony and derails us from our paths. Love, money, success, fame, respect, friends. The things that we all want! But what exactly gives them value? The probability of not having them! The gap between “I dont have” and “I have” its the thing that provides pleasure and quality. Once we realize that on a deeper level, our fears lose ground and even evaporate. Being lonely, its what makes “love” possible. They cant exist without each other. You could apply this logic for almost everything. For example, most people dont aknowledge their hearing because its considered as something “given”. But if they lose it for some reason, they immediately would realize its value. Life is not about one thing, one situation, one month, one person or one love … its about the wide variation of choices. About moving on and not being stagnant. So the next time when we dont “have” something, instead of being disappointed and losing our balance, we could see it as a potential to create a gap, to create value. As the great Alan Watts said “Life its like a dance. Its not about reaching from point “a” to point “b”. Its about experiencing the distance between them.”

Dialogue tip

In order to reduce your brain-dominant reality, you should reduce your inner dialogue and increase communications with other people WHILE being conscious about it. Preferably using the outside world and not via social media.

Most people talk to themselfs a lot. Ironically contrarary on popular belief that it would make you “crazy”, its better to do it out loud and not inside your head. The first option includes more senses (talking, listening) which increases chances to remain mentally aware. If you talk with the mind – inside your head and using thoughts, you are using “only” the brain in terms of senses. You give away power to a tool that could easily abuse it. Do it often enough and the mind creates the Ego, your double ganger.Most people think that I am =/equals brain ” but THIS IS NOT TRUE, not even 1%.

When you have a reason for major “thinking”, try to share it with someone else. A simple example – there was a girl that I liked and at one point there were hundreds of thoughts ala “what this means, did I say something wrong, does she mean that or this” and all this repeating n-times for days. I get to talk to a friend, ten sentences later he tolds me his personal opinion and bam! Its all simple and clear. Days and weeks of “self -thinking” overwhelmed by a short dialogue with other human being! By being in our own bubble, we tend to “complicate” things involving us. Life is about interacting with other people and its no coincendence that “brain-dominant” people preffer to be alone.
It would be hard at first BUT try increasing the volume of talking to other. Slow the process. The brain wants to do things fast so that it can get on the next thing, to be productive. Take extra seconds for pauses. It would feel uncomfortable, as something bugging you inside to rush and change direction. Try overcoming it and few days later, that feeling would change. Find the acceptable line for disturbing other people, they sometimes cant give you their attention or simply doesnt want to. Fight your own uneasiness but dont force it on other people.